Rob is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is an established composer spanning a variety of bands, and solo projects. “Rob displays a bold and raw honesty with lyrics that showcase an emotional intelligence set to energetic, guitar and drum driven music.” While Rob’s songs are rooted in rock, his approach to song writing often incorporates other styles that create something both unique and authentic. His songs have been featured on FM stations such as 102.1 The Edge with Alan Cross, Live 88.5, Rock 95, & Rebel 101. His music has been included in a variety of podcasts, including ESPN’S P.T.I co-host, The Tony Kornheiser Show. He has taken part in events such as the CBC Searchlight Contest, and Rebel’s Real Rock Search. Rob’s music is vibrant, catchy, and diverse. Whatever the listeners mood, there is a song for them here.

Summarized History:

Formed first band/music project. Despite being short lived, it did yield one release. A song was recorded and released on a cross Canada compilation album.

Title: Volume 3. (Compilation Album)
• Contributing Artist.
• Lyrics & Vocals.

Co-founded a band called Backseat. The band released a self titled album and a 2 track single. The band played the core of its shows in Northern Ontario. As life took everyone in different directions, the band winded down and stopped.

Title: Backseat – Self Titled. (Album)
• Album Co-Producer.
• Co-Writer, Guitar.

Title: Backseat – This Way. (Single)
• Album Co-Producer.
• Co-Writer, Guitar.

After Backseat was over, one of the other members went on and recorded a solo album. I was invited to re-recorded a song that I had co-wrote for inclusion on this album. This experience was the catalyst I needed to begin looking for my next musical project.

Title: Maybe In Another World. (Album)
• Guest Artist.
• Co-Writer & Guitars.

Co-founded a band called Rumor Hazit. This project released a live album and a studio album. The band played the bulk of it’s shows in Northern Ontario. Like the band prior, life took its members in different directions. This resulted in the band shutting down and going inactive.

Title: Rumor Hazit – The Mirage EP. (Live Album)
• Album Producer & Mixer.
• Co-Writer, Drums & Backing Vocals.

Title: Rumor Hazit – Breaking The Silence. (Album)
• Album Co-Producer.
• Co-Writer, Drums & Backing Vocals.

After Rumor Hazit, I wanted a change. I also wanted to do something for other independent bands/artists. I wanted to create an exposure/promotional tool that was of high quality. I wound up organizing and producing a compilation album of various artists and bands. It featured bands/artists from Singapore, Ottawa, Toronto, Italy, Denmark, Sudbury, Montreal, Belgium, and others. This compilation also included my first single as a solo artist.

Title: Underground One. (Compilation Album)
• Album Producer & Project Coordinator.
• Contributing Artist.

From there my focus turned towards building on my solo material, and doing something outside of a traditional band setting. This resulted in the release of a stand alone single, followed by a full length album.

Title: Rob Frank – What Went Wrong. (Single)
• Track Co-Producer.
• Writer, Lyrics, Vocals, Bass, & Drums.

Title: Rob Frank – Keep On Keepin’ On. (Album)
• Album Co-Producer.
• Writer, Lyrics, Vocals, Keys, Bass, Drums, and Guitars.

I got involved in a music project that was being put together, that inevitably became The Elegant Devils. So far this band has released a studio EP, a live EP, and a stand alone Single. To date the band performed the majority of it’s shows in the Ottawa and surrounding area. While currently idling in down time, work continues on what may be next for the band.

Title: Elegant Devils – Guilty Pleasure. (Album)
• Co-Writer, Drums & Backing Vocals.

Title: Elegant Devils – Live at Zaphod’s. (Live Album)
• Album Producer & Mixer.
• Co-Writer, Drums & Backing Vocals.

Title: Elegant Devils – Heartbreaker. (Single)
• Track Producer.
• Co-Writer, Drums, Additional Guitar, & Backing Vocals.

My focus has returned to my own material. This has resulted in the release of a new EP.

Title: Rob Frank – Isolation. (Album)
• Album Co-Producer.
• Writer, Lyrics, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Guitars.