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The Tony Kornheiser Show:

“Cold” was featured in today’s episode “Harpard College?” of The Tony Kornheiser Show. Thank you to Tony, Nigel, and everyone else at the show for the ongoing support.

-May 7, 2021

From The Holler:

Thank you AprylRae and everyone at From The Holler for including my songs into rotation. Visit them here.

-Feb 4, 2021

CKDJ 107.9:

Thanks to Eli Pearson and everyone at CKDJ 107.9 for including “Some Days” into rotation. Listen here.

-Feb 2, 2021

Freak Magazine:

Thank you to Jazmin L’Amy and everyone at Freak Magazine for the review of Some Days. You can read the article here, or over in the press section.

-Jan 26, 2021

CKCU FM 93.1:

Thanks to Jumpin’ Joel Flash and Kim Valentine for inclusion in the Monday Special Blend show.

-Jan 25, 2021

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