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CBC Music Searchlight 2022:

Voting in the 2022 CBC Music Toyota Searchlight contest is now open. Voting runs until Monday, May 30 at 2:59 pm ET. You can cast 1 vote for up to 5 different artists each day. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to cast a vote.

-May 19, 2022

FTS Indie List:

Thanks to Kristen and Nolen for inclusion in May’s Indie List. Voting is now open and runs until May 25th. Votes can be placed once a day, and results will be released June 1st. To votes click here.

-May 15, 2022

Radio TFSC:

Thanks to Oli and everyone at Radio TFSC for including “This Place” into rotation.

-May 13, 2022

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